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Close up of road bike handlebars with the newest must have winter cycling accessory, The Bici Shield, attached to its brake lever. This streamlined black abs hand protector shields a riders hands from the cold while cycling in the winter.
Another closeup of the winter riding Shield by Bici, with a fine mesh grate in the background.
Black roadbike with two Bici Shields attached to the brake levers of its handlebars to protect hands from cold weather and wind
A centered closeup of the new must have winter cycling accessory, the bici shield. This black plastic hand guard has a sleek white Bici logo embosed on the front.
The handlebars of a white roadbike with black handlebars with two bici shields attached to its brake levers, photographed in front of a metal mesh wall.
A head on shot of a high end road bike's handlebars showing two Bici Shield winter cycling hand protectors attached to both brake levers.
Closeup of a white Giant Roadbike parked on a narrow city street with two Bici Wind Guards attached to its brake levers

Cold Weather Cycling Gear - Shield Shimano 105

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We are passionate about cycling and do it year round.

When we were looking at the cold weather cycling gear for sale around us, we simply were not satisfied with the available options.

No matter which gloves we tried, gloves simply weren’t enough to prevent losing sensation in our fingertips when cycling. That's why we invented the shield to allow us to ride through the elements and keep our hands warm while riding our bikes.

The Cold Weather Cycling Accessory You Need

The original shield is the winter riding gadget you've been looking for to keep your hands and fingertips warm year round while cycling. This easy to install biking accessory serves as an added barrier against the wind chill when you are riding in cold temperatures. 

A sleek super light weight plastic shield that diverts the wind and rain away from your hand and fingertips which adds increasing comfort and protection for your hand.

Stick and Go. Attaches and re-attaches onto your brake levers in seconds. Portable and lightweight enough to fit in your jersey.

Note: This version is compatible with Shimano 105 brake levers 


  • Keeps your hands dry and warm on the road
  • Easy to install, no tools required
  • Fits Shimano 105 brake levers
  • Includes a left and a right shield
  • Made in NYC

Technical Data

  • Dimensions: W 2.5"x L 6" x H 1.25" each
  • Weight: <10g each
  • Material: 100% recyclable plastic

Assembly: Set comes with a left and right shield. Peel tape and apply to brake levers firmly 

Warning: Shields must be securely fastened to your brake levers to prevent injury


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