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The Bici Shield, a new cold weather riding accessory for cycling, designed to keep rider's hands warm in the winter.
Closeup of The Shield by Bici, a black plastic hand protector, designed to keep cyclist's hands warm in the winter
A closeup of a roadbike's handlebars with two Bici Shields attatched. These sleek, black plastic wind guards are designed to protect cyclist's hands while riding their bike in the cold.
Closeup of a white Giant Roadbike with two Bici Shields attached to it's brake levers. These smooth black plastic hand protectors block wind and keep rider hands warm during winter cycling.
A side profile of a white road bike with Bici cold weather hand protectors attached to its brake levers. These black plastic hand protectors shield a cyclists hands from wind, rain, and cold, allowing them to ride their bike in the winter months.
Bici Shield installed on the brake lever of a roadbike's handlebars showing white bici logo and black hand protector
Side profile of a high end black road bike with Bici Shields attached to each of its brake levers. This new bike gadget is designed to keep hands warm while cycling in the cold.

Cold Weather Riding Gear - Shield Shimano Dura-Ace/Ultegra di2

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We are passionate about cycling and do it year round.

For those of us who are serious about riding, taking three to four months off during the winter simply is not an option.

That said, when it comes to cold weather, many cyclists are left wondering how to dress to keep warm while riding.

While there seems to be an abundance of winter riding clothing available, we were never able to find a good pair of winter gloves that didn't leave our fingertips numb by the midpoint of a ride.

The Best Cold Weather Riding Gear for Your Hands

Fed up with cold hands while cycling, we invented the Shield - a sleek, ultra light weight shield that diverts the wind and rain away from your hands and fingertips while you ride.

The Shield is designed to increase comfort and protect your hands while you cycle, enabling you to get back to enjoying the ride.

If you've been wondering how to keep your hands warm when cycling in the cold, the Shield is for you.

The Shield: The Must-Have Cold Weather Riding Gadget of 2020

This easy to install accessory serves as an added barrier against the wind chill and moisture, taking your winter riding comfort to a level many of us never dreamed possible.

Both user friendly and easy to install, the Shield is truly Stick and Go.

Attaches and re-attaches onto your brake levers in seconds. Portable and lightweight enough to fit in your jersey.

Note: This version is compatable with both Shimano Dura-Ace di2 and Ultegra di2 brake levers


  • Keeps your hands dry and warm on the road
  • Easy to install, no tools required
  • Fits Shimano Dura-Ace di2 and Ultegra di2 brake levers
  • Includes a left and a right shield
  • Made in NYC

Technical Data

  • Dimensions: W 2.5"x L 6" x H 1.25" each
  • Weight: <10g each
  • Material: 100% recyclable plastic

Assembly: Set comes with a left and right shield. Peel tape and apply to brake levers firmly 

Warning: Shields must be securely fastened to your brake levers to prevent injury


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