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Pro Version Bike Stand for Cycling Photography - Large

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The Stand (pro version) is an ultra lightweight, portable, invisible bike stand, that allows you to get the best photo of your bike, at any angle in any background without wasting time with photoshop.  

The larger size stand is the same design as the compact version but taller, allowing you to get a photo of your bike in any background with the crank arm at the ideal 3 o'clock position.

As cyclists, we want to get photos of our bike. We invented the Stand because we were tired of ruining pictures using walls or guard rails to prop up our bike. 

The Stand securely supports your bike, allowing you to snap pictures against incredible backdrops you discover while cycling. 

Take the Bici bike stand with you anywhere you go. Great when you need flexibility to move your bike around. 

Pro bike stand is available in different heights and thickness to support Road Bikes, Gravel/MTB, and E-Bikes.  Compact stand is compatible with all bikes. 


  • Sleek & simple design: One piece construction holds bike straight and vertical with the crank arm in the ideal 3 o'clock position
  • Easy to use: Park your bike in seconds with this simple design and easy install
  • Compatible: Works on any road bike, Gravel/MTB, E-Bike (select version at checkout)
  • Lightweight and portable: If looking for something smaller and pocket-sized, check out the Compact Bici Stand which is the size of an iPhone
  • Sustainable: Made from 100% recyclable plastic
  • Made in NYC
  • Available for Road Bikes, Gravel/MTB, and E-Bikes

Technical Data

  • Road Bike Stand
    • Dimensions: W 3"x L 10.5" x D 3mm
    • Weight: 50g
    • Maximum Load: 30 pounds
  • Gravel/MTB Bike Stand
    • Dimensions: W 3"x L 11" x D 3mm
    • Weight: 86g
    • Maximum Load: 30 pounds
  • E-Bike Stand
    • Dimensions: W 3"x L 11.75" x D 4mm
    • Weight: 98g
    • Maximum Load: 40-50 pounds


  • Rotate the crank arm to the three o’clock position, then place the Stand where your left crank arm meets the bottom bracket. Angle the bike stand and lean your bike on it. Ensure your bike is securely positioned. 


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