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The Best Holiday Gifts for Cyclists 2020 Holiday Guide


Are you wondering what to get your favorite cyclist for the holidays this year?

We've got you covered. Below are our favorite gifts for cyclists in your life. 

Overall Best Cycling Gift

The Stand by Bici may very well be the best cycling Holiday gift of 2020. It’s innovative and solves a problem cyclists have that no other product on the market can solve. The sleek design, cost, and effectiveness make it our top product pick for cyclists.

Bici bike stand

The Stand is an invisible portable bike stand that allows you to get photos of your prized bike at any angle, against any backdrop. A cycling photography must-have, the Stand securely supports your bike in seconds. As cyclists, we want to get unobstructed photos of our bike. With the Stand we don’t have to ruin pictures using walls, sticks, helmets, or guard rails to prop up our bike or waste time with photoshop. 

Bici pro bike stand

The Stand is currently available in 2 sizes - compact and pro versions. 

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Best Cycling Gift under $250 

1) Assos Women's Winter Bib Tights ($219)

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Gift her with a winter essential for her cycling wardrobe. Ideal for those frigid winter rides providing full coverage that is highly insulating and water-repellent. This fabric ensures your pelvis and legs stay shielded from biting winds and cold air, while the backs of the legs are made up of RX Light for added breathability in this high-flex zone. The fabric panels flex with each pedal stroke, as they're both pre-shaped and sewn to fully wrap and support the upper leg muscles, knees, and calves while in motion. The insert features 8mm of plush memory foam for dependable comfort on every ride.

2) Assos Men's Winter Bib Tights ($219)

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Give the gift of warmth with this winter essential for his cycling wardrobe. Full-length coverage, flexible insulation, and memory foam insert ensure comfortable support in challenging winter riding conditions. 

According to “From a fit point of view the Mille GT bibtights are quite simply perfect. Each panel has been cut in such a way as to almost make the tights disappear when in the riding position and to offer no restriction of movement whilst in the saddle.”

3) Wireless Powerbeats Pro earphones ($199.95)

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Totally wireless earphones built for movement. Adjustable, secure-fit earhooks stay in place so you can train while listening to music that motivates you or the latest podcast. Sweat a water resistant keeping up with you no matter where your ride takes you. Up to 9 hours of listening time for those really long training days. This is an amazing gift of music, movement, entertainment for your favorite cyclist. 

Best Cycling Gift under $100

4) RCC 12 month membership ($100)

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Gift your favorite cyclist an annual membership to the Rapha Cycling Club, a global community of passionate, active cyclists with exclusive access to  products, experiences and offers. As well as riding together, creating memories and forging friendships around the world, members share a love of cycling and Rapha’s mission to help make it the most popular sport in the world. They are connected by our members-only app, allowing each local community to plan rides, meet each other and share the best of each location.

The club is supported by a global network of 21 Clubhouses that house an extensive bike-hire fleet so you are never without a ride when exploring new destinations. Together with a network of partner cafés, Clubhouses provide meeting points for rides, of which there are hundreds each week in over sixty locations worldwide. Often led by Ride Leaders armed with local knowledge of the best roads and trails, this is what makes the RCC your key to unlocking a world of riding opportunities.

5) Castelli Spettacolo ROS Glove Men's Winter Gloves ($89.99)

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A good pair of winter gloves is a winter essential for a cyclist's wardrobe. These gloves are the ultimate for long rides in cool to cold conditions, the Spettacolo RoS offers warmth, comfort and splash protection with easy on/off zip construction. Pair these gloves with a Bici Shield to protect your hands from freezing wind chill that often cuts your ride short.

Best Cycling Gift under $50

6) The Shield by Bici ($30)


With The Shield installed, you will never have cold hands again while cycling. The Shield attaches to your brake levers in seconds, diverting wind and cold from your hands and allowing you to keep riding comfortably throughout the colder months. Recommended for use with winter cycling gloves to vastly increase your comfort during cold rides. 

The Shield is currently available in (4) models, tailor made for the most popular shifter setups.

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7) S-Tubo Road-700C Tubolito ($37.90)

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Lightest, smallest, strongest, fastest innertube. Not your normal tube, super lightweight innertubes for your bike weighing 23g. With 78% smaller packed size and the same puncture resistance as standard tubes the S-Tubo-Road is the perfect choice as a spare and can fit easily in your jersey. 

8) Rapha Coffee Cup that fits in a bottle cage ($30)

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Cycling and coffee go hand in hand. Rapha has collaborated with Frank Green to create a reusable coffee cup that sits conveniently in your bottle cage for a caffeine boost on the move. The cup features a smart one-handed push button that seals the lid and secure screw-down top to save you from spills. The interior is resistant to stains and odours while a double walled outer layer keeps your coffee hot for longer. 

9) Ostroy Water Bottle + Socks Combo ($24.30)

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Pretty Okay at Bikes Socks and Water Bottle combo is a great gift for the stylish cyclist in your life. Gift these cycling staples with personality to anyone that appreciates style and performance. Designed in NYC and Made in Italy. 

10) Fendor Bendor Regular X BicycleCrumbs ($21)


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A limited edition mudguard by Ass Savers designed by Bicycle Crumbs to keep you dry in wet conditions. Will keep you dry and seen and mount on your bike in seconds. Practical and stylish stocking stuffer. 

11) Lightweight Rapha Snood ($20)


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Created to keep body heat in and cold air out, the lightweight snood is a staple in your winter wardrobe.  Can be used  as a neck warmer or pulled up over your nose and ears to keep you warm and comfortable training in cold weather. Made with PrimaLoft®, an insulating, high-performance thermal yarn.