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The Best Holiday Gifts for Cyclists 2019 Holiday Guide

Are you wondering what to get your favorite cyclist for the holidays this year?

2019 has been a great year for cycling gifts, with many new bicycle gadgets and accessories hitting the shelves.

In the following sections, we will list our favorite gifts for cyclists, in hopes of helping you make sure this Holiday is one to remember.

Overall Best Cycling Gift

The Shield by Bici may very well be the best cycling Holiday gift of 2019. It’s innovative and solves a problem cyclists have that no other product on the market can solve. The sleek design, cost, and effectiveness make it our top product pick for cyclists.

With The Shield installed, you will never have cold hands again while cycling. The Shield attaches to your brake levers in seconds, diverting wind and cold from your hands and allowing you to keep riding comfortably throughout the colder months.

The Shield is currently available in (4) models, tailor made for the most popular shifter setups.

Get yours here today.

Best Cycling Gifts under $100

1) Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Escape Thermal Cycling Bib ($93.75)

This thermal mid-weight bib tight helps keep a cyclist warm on those winter rides, making it a great gift for the holidays.

Featuring Pearl's propriety Select Escape Chamois, the Izuimi Select Escape is also chafe free and super comfortable.. 


2) GripGrab Artic Waterproof Deep Winter Shoe Cover ($77)

Perfect for cold weather rides, GripGrab Deep Winter Shoe covers are made from waterproof neoprene with a hollow lining for insulation. This gift comes in black and Hi-Vis Yellow colors and for both road and off-road riding.

Featuring GripGrab's proprietary IntelliSeal technology, The Artic is one of the most durable and effective shoe covers available today. 

3) Sealskinz Waterproof Cold Weather Mid Length Sock with Hydrostop ($52.50) 

Sealskinz are one of the best pairs of socks for cycling and a perfect cycling accessory.

Sealskinz 100% waterproof socks keep your feet warm and cozy, yet are also extremely breathable. Handmade and hand-tested for waterproofness in the UK, this is the sock that will keep you comfortable during the sudden rain storm, the muddy puddle, or even the occasional stream crossing. 

Ideal for colder conditions where warmth is of the essence, this gift will keep you warm, dry and stay put on your leg.

Sealskinz aren't just a great gift for a cyclist, they are a great gift for anyone who values comfort in the cold. 

4) Rapha Long Sleeve Core Jersey ($100)

Rapha makes some of the most stylish and popular cycling apparel around.

With designs for both men and women, their jerseys are famous for being both comfortable and effective.

Not only does the Long Sleeve Core Jersey come lined with a fleecy brushed inner to keep you warm, it is also designed to fit a cyclist perfectly in a road-bike position.


5) NiteRider Lumina 900 ($59.99)

If the enthusiast in your life uses their bike to commute, a good light is a must-have accessory. 

Not only does a solid bike light help keep a rider safe by making them more visable to cars, pedestrians and other cyclists, it also illuminates the road well enough to help them avoid hidden obstacles.

this is listed at $59.99 so had to remove this sentence and move to under $100 sectionWhen it comes to the best bike light under $50, the NiteRider Lumina Micro 650 is always on the list.

This mini version of the class-leading Lumina 1100 pumps out an impressive 650 lumens of light – more than enough to make sure a cyclist is both visible and able to see well in even the darkest conditions. 

Featuring a widespread beam and (4) different modes, the Lumina Micro 650 is as versatile as it is capable. 

This gift is both water and dust resistant and can be mounted to either a helmet or standard 35mm handlebars quickly and easily.

The Micro 650 has a built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged with any standard USB cable, helping to ensure you never get caught in the dark on a ride again!

Best Cycling Gift under $50


6) Ratchet Rocket Lite DX Tool Kit ($34.95)

For those looking for a full on tool kit that will still fit in a small pack or bag, look no further than the Topeak Rocket Lite DX kit.

This robust tool set can help a cyclist tackle 19 bike maintenance functions on the go and fits inside a small ergonomic tool pouch for easy storage and organization.

Featuring a fine tooth ratchet mechanism with reverse lever and thumb wheel with Nano TorqBits for ease and torque accuracy in tight spots, the Rocket Lite DX kit also comes with a magnetic bit holder, hardened 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm hexes, T10, T15, T25 Torx® bits, #2 Phillips bits, and two engineering grade polymer tire levers.


7) Assos Armwarmer EV07 ($49)

A must-have cycling accessory for cold weather conditions, these Assos Armwarmer EV07s are small enough to fit in your pocket, but warm enough to keep you comfortable on the most bitter winter morning rides.

With their integrated proprietary thermal, elastic, and breathable RX Light fabric, these vital pieces of riding apparel will keep you warm without the risk of overheating.


8) I-Beam Mini Fold Up Multi-Tool ($26.95)

We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of a great ride, or on the cusp of breaking your PR on a circuit and something breaks.

No matter what the malfunction ends up being, this handy multitool from Park Tool has you covered. Complete with a built-in tire lever, flat blade screwdriver, 8mm box wrench, two spoke wrenches, (8) sizes of hex wrenches, a T25 torx bit, and a 5-12 speed chain tool, the I-Beam has you covered.

At just 90mm x 40mm, this cycling multi tool can easily fit into the smallest pack or saddle bag and give the cyclist in your life the peace of mind of knowing an equipment failure will never ruin their ride again. 


9) Soma Ensho Saddle in Blue or Red ($29.99)

No list of Christmas gifts for cyclists would be complete without an aftermarket saddle.

Installing an aftermarket saddle on a bike can help give it a personal style that simply can’t be achieved without one.

That said, with so many options to choose from, finding an aftermarket saddle for the cycling enthusiast in your life can be overwhelming. While many of the available leather saddle options are much pricier than $50, the Soma Ensho can usually be found just under budget.

While this saddle typically lists at $58, there are currently two colors available on Soma’s website for under $30!

Weighing in at an ultralight 290 grams, this saddle features CrMo rails and superlight padding. As an added bonus, it’s also available in synthetic leather trim, making sure you’re covered if your favorite cyclist is a vegan. 


Best Gifts Under $40


10) Lezyne Pod Caddy QR ($29.99)

For those torn between the usefulness of a great saddle bag and their tendency to ruin a bicylce's aesthetic appeal, look no further than the Lezny Pod Cady.

This sleek, modern saddlebag is rail mounted to the frame and features a hardshell case lined with molded EVA foam and wrapped in a durable woven nylon cover.

Perfect for carrying tools, extra tubes, your phone, wallet, supplements, and more the Lenzy Pod Cady will change your rides for the better.


11) Giro Vasona MIPS ($39.50)

Every avid cyclist needs a good helmet. While a solid lid for a competitive rider can easily top $100, the Giro Vasona MIPS helmet is a worthy competitor at any price point.

And at a current sale price of $37 for select colors, there are very few helmets that offer this level of quality at a price point under $40.

Equipped a removable visor and 22 cooling vents, this helmet also features class-leading proprietary Giro MIPS technology, making it one of the safest and lightest bicycle helmets available at any price point.  

Short for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, MIPS can redirect energy and provide more protection in certain impacts, giving you the latest in head protection on the road or trail.

It’s important to note that this helmet usually retails at $60, so you should make sure to pick yours up sooner than later.


12) Shimano SH-ME3 ($36)

Perhaps the craziest deal of any of the gifts mentioned on this list, the Shimano SH-ME3 cycling shoes typically retail around a price of $120.

While these shoes are designed for Shimano cleats, they work with a number of other brands and are widely-considered one of the best shoes available for trail riding.

Like the Giro Vasona mentioned above, these will not last long at this price.


13) Evans Classic Ls Cycling Jersey ($39)

The Evans Classic LS jersey is a steal at $39. 

Typically retailing at $79.99, this stylish piece of bike apparel features some impressive technical features. With a full-length front zip and Icefil technology, it is both easy to get in and out of and better at regulating your body temperature than most other options under $40.

This jersey also features an integrated rear pouch to hold your phone or mp3 player and reflective accents on both the front and rear to increase rider visibility in low-light conditions.

Like the Bici Shield, the Evans Classic LS Jersey is a great way to keep warm on those winter rides, making it a perfect Christmas gift for any cyclist.

14) Z Lok Combo ($25)

If the cyclist in your life is an urban rider, the Z Lok by hiplok is a great solution for bike security.

This lightweight, aesthetically-pleasing bike lock is modeled after a ziptie with a unique cinch lock that makes securing a bike a breeze.

Small enough to fit in a jersey pocket, but strong enough to hold up, the Z Lok is a great gift for any bicycle enthusiast.

Best Gifts Under $20

15) UnTapped Lemon Tea Mapleaid ($15.95)

Loaded with essential electrolytes, amino acids, antioxidants and just enough caffeine to get a workout kickstarted, Slopeside Syrup’s Untapped Lemon Tea is the perfect gift for a cyclist who is serious about training.

What started as a passion project of pro cyclist Ted King quickly evolved into a natural endurance fuel that’s perfect for cycling.

16) Camelbak Podium 24oz Bottle ($10)

While the Camelbak Podium is a far reach from some of the more entrepreneurial offerings on this list, it’s a great gift for a bike enthusiast nonetheless.

This 24 oz water bottle features a new design with a self-sealing cap; eliminating the potential for pesky leaks and the need to use teeth to open and close it.

At $10, the Podium is a great gift for a cyclist at any level.

17) Aero Tech Classic Thermal Leg Warmers ($19)

Like the Bici Shield, the Aero Tech Classic Thermal Leg Warmers are definitely a winter cycling essential.

For those serious about riding, these leggings will help keep their legs insulated and warm as they ride in cold weather.

At $19 a pair, these leg warmers are another great budget gift option. 

18) Finish Line Super Bike Wash ($10.39)

At just over $10, this bike cleaner packs some great cleaning power at a solid price.

Great for garage queen bikes or cycling enthusiasts who like having their ride looking good, this non-corrosive, biodegradable compound is both earth-friendly and effective.

Super Bike Wash can remove dirt, clay, road grime, and more, leaving your bike factory fresh.

Best Gifts Under $10

19) Continental Bike Tube ($8.29)

If you cycle regularly, the inevitability of getting a flat is undeniable. 

At the end of the day, it’s really more an issue of if than when it comes to a tire puncture. 

Whether you use the continental tube as a clever stocking stuffer or a standalone budget gift for a cyclist, continental makes a great product that  can help get a rider back on the road in no time. 

Preferred by champions and riders worldwide. 


20) Ultimate Survival Technologies Tool A Long Bicycle Multitool ($9.95)

This gift is great for enthusiasts both because it is shaped like a bicycle and that it can help a rider perform many routine bike maintenance tasks on the road. 

Featuring a Philips screwdriver, flat head screw driver, pry tip, butterfly wrench, (5) hex heads, a ruler and cord cutter, this tool can easily fit in a riders jersey and end up saving the day when something breaks unexpectedly.