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Bici Shield: The Next Ass Savers?

If you are a cycling enthusiast, you’ve more than likely heard of Ass Savers, the most popular saddle mudguard for cyclists.

Whether you bought an ass saver to protect yourself on your own rides or you bought it for the cyclist in your life as a Holiday or birthday gift, this cycling gadget definitely earns a mention on the best gifts for cyclists list.

For those of you who do not own a bicycle or who are just getting into cycling, the ass saver is a bike fender that attaches to the saddle of a bicycle and is designed to shield a rider’s rear end from the inevitable mud splatters commonly encountered in wet riding conditions.  

Hiding under the seat of a bicycle until it’s needed, ass savers can deploy quickly and easily when riding conditions take a turn for the wet. Compatible with almost every standard rail saddle, the ass saver is a great piece of gear to add to your protective arsenal.

This bike gadget comes in multiple sizes and a wide variety of colors and patterns; aiming to satisfy the tastes of the most unique and discerning cycling enthusiasts.

From the 4th generation flip tip to the tried and true foldable Fendor Bendor and Mudder front fender, there is literally an ass saver for every taste and need. And with a starting price of around $14 USD, this innovative item makes the list of must have cycling rain gear with ease. 

In fact, with a price that low, ass savers probably also earns a place on most essential biking gear lists in general.

I already have ass savers, what’s the next must-have bicycle gadget of 2019?

Wondering what the next hottest cycling gear of 2019 will be?

Look no further than the Bici Shield. 

While lesser-known than the ass saver, the Shield is quickly earning a reputation in the cycling community as a 2019 must-have bicycle gadget. And with the 2019 Holiday season just around the corner, it is also rightfully earning a top spot on most lists of the best gifts for cyclists.

If you’re looking for the perfect gifts for the bike enthusiast in your life, look no further than the Bici Shield. 



This must have piece of cold weather riding gear is sleek, lightweight, and attaches to Shimano and SRAM brake levers seconds. 

Designed to divert wind and rain away from your hands while you’re cycling, the Shield is the cold weather riding accessory you are looking for if you’re serious about cycling.

Offered in 4 different models (with more to come soon) installing these wind guards is as easy as snapping them into place and hitting the road.

As of November 2019, the shield is currently available for bikes equipped with the following shifter setups: 

  • Shimano Dura-Ace/Ultegra di2
  • Shimano Dura-Ace/Ultegra cable
  • Shimano 105
  • SRAM Red/Force eTap

  • While they are portable and lightweight enough to fit in your jersey, Bici Shields are designed in such a way that they can be used year round without requiring a rider to make any sacrifices in usability. 

    When properly installed, The Shield will not interfere with braking, shifting, or the handlebars of your bicycle in any way.

    But why not just buy some winter cycling gloves?

    If you’re tired of cold hands and numb fingers while riding your bike in wind chill, you need the Shield. 

    Shield inventor and Bici co-founder Matt Gontier tried nearly every pair of gloves under the sun, from those designed specifically for cycling to those designed to maximize warmth.

    While each pair of cycling gloves came with its own unique challenges and shortcomings, the bulk majority of pairs he tried fell short in one of two areas:

    1. They were too bulky for cycling
    2. They were not warm enough to adequately protect against winter weather alone

    Fed up with numb fingers and winter rides being cut short, Matt knew there had to be a better way. 

    After spending countless nights at the drawing board, trying to come up with the best winter cycling glove, he came to the realization that to create the best cold weather hand protection for cycling he would need to think outside the box.

    With the idea of creating a better glove behind him, Matt quickly realized the key to keeping hands warm while cycling would be found in attacking the problem at its roots.

    To stop hands from getting cold during winter rides, he would need to address the very thing that was causing winter cyclists discomfort: the wind.

    And just like that, The Shield was born. Rather than try to strike the impossible balance between warm and usable gloves, Matt went straight to the root of the issue and got to work designing a barrier to stop the wind from ever reaching his hands in the first place. 

    With the prototype Shield attached to the handlebars of his giant road bike, Matt discovered he barely needed gloves at all anymore. 

    While he still prefers and recommends Shield owners to use his invention in tandem with a good pair of cycling gloves, his new cycling gadget all but eliminates the need for gloves altogether. 

    With cold hands removed as the most convenient excuse for why you can’t train during the winter months, our hope is that The Shield will help you stay in peak condition year round; going into the next season with a newfound leg up on your competition.

    Even if you are just a cycling hobbyist who loves bike gadgets, The Shield’s affordable price and outstanding value makes it a no-brainer for people of all skill levels.

    At $30 for a pair of Shields, this new bike gadget is an upgrade you can’t afford to live without. 

    Stop letting cold weather act as an excuse for not riding. Get your Shield today.