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5 Benefits of staying motivated to cycle through the winter - Winter Cycling Benefits

Cycling is an excellent cardiovascular workout and good for the mind and body. Cycling has been reported to help many cycling enthusiasts relax and unwind, burning off excess mental and physical energy and stress. 

Riding your bike in the colder winter months can be hard especially when it’s cold, wet, windy, and dark, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. 
Training throughout the winter is an excellent way to maintain your base fitness level and stay in shape, while also preparing you to be stronger for the warmer months. 

The top 5 benefits of cycling year round to help motivate you to get outside:

  1. Nothing is going to replicate the outdoor elements of a hill or cross winds indoors. Many of us use trainers indoors to avoid outdoor cycling during colder temperatures while still enjoying the endorphin boosting benefits of cycling as exercise however nothing can compare to riding outdoors.
  2. Build stamina and endurance with outdoor cycling especially in the winter and cold weather, because it is harder and much more challenging, so when it’s nice out it makes you stronger.
  3. Less people riding so more road to cycle to yourself.
  4. Energy boost and the ability to get fresh air outside during the colder months is proven to boost your mood and make you more productive as well as get better sleep. 
  5. Gets you out of the house in the winter. Let’s face it, staying indoors especially after the holidays really becomes a drag. Going outside to cycle with the right cold weather gear is an excellent way to stay in shape and enjoy the outdoors during all seasons. 

For those of us that live in areas that face cold weather and wind chill when riding in temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s worth investing in all the right gear whether it’s a winter jacket or a pair of overshoes to ensure we can keep up with our hobby year round.

Despite investing in all the best cold weather cycling gear, Bici Shield inventor found that he would have to stop riding midpoint because of freezing fingertips making the ride unbearable. As a result, the Bici Shield was Invented. It’s a lightweight shield that is the perfect addition to winter cycling gloves to divert freezing wind chill from your hands. The Shield is to winter cycling gloves what Shoe Covers are to cycling shoes. 

With cold hands removed as a convenient excuse for why you can’t train during the winter months, our hope is that The Shield will help you stay in peak condition year round; going into the next season with a newfound leg up on your competition.
Best new winter cycling product.

Bici shield cold weather cycling accessory perfect addition to winter cycling gloves

The Shield is a must-have cycling gadget for cold weather riding. This easy to install accessory serves as an added barrier against the wind chill and moisture, taking your winter riding comfort to a level never before possible. The Shield is the first of its kind, innovative and solves a problem cyclists have that no other product on the market can solve. The sleek design, cost, and effectiveness against protecting hands from freezing wind chill make it a must-have cycling gadget.